Teznic GO App


Teznic GO App

Sale price$9.99

Get the super simple and easy to use Teznic GO app!

Change batteries and throttles with the push of a button.

No more remote service calls to auto-tune your motor!

App owners also receive discounted tuning services for customized throttle power curves.

How it Works:

  1. Choose your subscription
  2. We send you a unique username and password to access the Teznic GO App
  3. Select the desired battery voltage
  4. Select the desired throttle
  5. Load the program and you are ready to ride
  6. Use the wireless display to view real time speed and battery lever

App Features:

  • A Wireless Display
  • Easily switch between 60V and 72V Batteries
  • Change Throttles: including Domino and Magura
  • Motor Auto-tune
  • Eco Mode and Regen control on the display
  • Control Power
  • Range and Wattage Odometer on the display
  • Eliminate motor stutter and control phase amps
  • Discounted Tuning Services - $120/hr down from $180/hr

Coming Soon:

  • New Range and Power programs
  • More display features and functionality
  • Extended Program Library
  • Unlocking Feature
  • OEM bike and controller distributor options

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We, nor ASI, are not responsible for or warranty any damages to components that may occur during or after the use of the Teznic Go App. For support, always contact Teznic representatives, not the manufacturer (support@teznic.com).