Hydrogen Hybrid Conversion Kit
Hydrogen Hybrid Conversion Kit
Hydrogen Hybrid Conversion Kit
Hydrogen Hybrid Conversion Kit
Hydrogen Hybrid Conversion Kit


Hydrogen Hybrid Conversion Kit

Sale price$6,000.00

Convert Existing Engines into Hydrogen Hybrids Today!

Our Hydrogen Systems

  • Have an ROI in 6-9 months
  • Reduce total cost of operation by up to 25% 
  • Reduce emissions up to 80%
  • Transitional solution between now and electrification

What Makes Our Hydrogen Unique?

Conventional Electrolysis
 Teznic Electrolysis
  • Stacked plate design (high heat)
  • Large Scale Systems (centralized, MW size)
  • Pure hydrogen (liquid, expensive, storage)
  • Circular process chamber design (reliable, safe)
  • Small scale and modular (180W, decentralized)
  • Hydrogen and oxygen produced together (efficient)
  • Next: Pulsing power for ultra cheap hydrogen


Over 15 years ago hundreds of transport trucks were using hydrogen systems that we designed and manufactured

Discounted Pricing Available for Bulk Orders

Convert Existing fleets and power generators into hydrogen hybrids today! Modular for any engine size.

This is our commercial sized hydrogen production system. It produces hydrogen and oxygen gas that is used up right away by an engine. This is a fuel augmentation system - it will help your engine use it's fuel more efficiently. All of our systems are manufactured in and shipped from Canada.

The increased efficiency will provide up to 25% in fuel savings and will result in an over 50% reduction in pollution. This system is compatible with any four stroke engine burning any hydrocarbon fuel, and you need roughly one system per 12 litres of engine.

The system comes with a user manual.

Installation takes 3 hours and is performed by Certified Installation Technicians. The procedure includes two wires to the battery, two safety switches, and to install a hose fitting into the air intake. You will need approximately 12"Lx6"Wx12"H for the system and can put it in an enclosure or bolt it inside the engine compartment. After installation, the only interaction is to fill the water tank with distilled water 1-2 times per month, or more depending on use.

The core design of this system has seen over 50 million on the road miles, in environmental conditions ranging from -40C to +70C. The system has a one year limited warranty and is designed to last ten years. It is recommended to change the seals every three years, with a refurbish every ten 9 years.

Orders take approximately 2 months to fulfill. Manufacturing updates will be provided along the way. Price does not include shipping or installation. Contact info@teznic.com for full details.