The Dope Bike

A Faster, Longer Range Dirt eBike

Longest Range Dirt eBike

With a range of over 50 miles, the fun doesn't stop until you do.

Made in Canada

Designed and built in Canada.

Need for Speed

These bikes are designed to ride at over 120 km/hr.

The Right Fit

Our frames are a bit longer and a bit taller than the Sur-Ron/Segway, designed for a north american body type. With multiple component options you can build the bike that's best for you.

Coming Soon

We will be launching a series of crowdfunding campaigns, each with a unique focus:

1. The first campaign is focused on the new frame. The frame is backward compatible with X260 and Lightbee parts, and is available as a fully built bike. We will also launch a controller and battery kit with an end user app that lets you configure it for your needs.

2. The second campaign will include our new toroidal electric motor. It will also include a snow attachment kit for our frame.

3. Our third campaign will include our hydrogen battery and hemp fairings.

Contact us to learn more and get on our mailing list.


On the right, you will see the first rendering we ever made for our new frame.

This is a project we have been working on for a long time. Once we made the Sur-Ron/Segway bikes go as far and as fast as they could, we knew we had to take the next step.

This frame incorporates multiple changes that the market requested - a bigger battery, a more powerful motor at the pivot point, and a slightly bigger frame that's designed for the speeds it can go. 

If you have any feedback, we would be very interested in hearing from you.