Convert Existing Engines into Hydrogen Hybrids Today

Reduce Fuel Consumption and Environmental Impact of Current Fleets

Our extremely efficient and reliable electrolysis systems produce hydrogen on demand

Hydrogen On Demand

Commercially proven, our hydrogen systems are infrastructure free and backward compatible with existing engines

• ROI in 6-9 months

• Cars, trucks, transport trucks, ships, power generators, construction equipment, etc

• Emission reduction of up to 80%

Hydrogen Hybrid Transport Truck

Commercially Proven design

Past Success

Over 15 years ago, technology based on our teams past patents was in hundreds of transport trucks in North America

Coming Soon

Second Generation Technology

By pulsing power, we can match our gas production to engine RPM. This allows us to create more gas with less power, and low cost green hydrogen. Our second generation can provide enough performance enhancement and emission reduction to enable existing internal combustion engine designs to meet future environmental regulations.

Hydrogen Storage and Linear Power

We can store power in the form of hydrogen and oxygen, to produce power as needed. This is an extremely low cost, low maintenance power system designed for remote areas using renewable power, new builds, or for peak power needs.

Our hydrogen systems are built to store pressure. Our Linear Generator technology uses the gas from our hydrogen system to produce power. We designed our linear generator with help from funding awarded by the Department of National Defence in Canada.