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Controller Programming

For custom programs not listed on our website, new bikes coming to market, and DIY projects.

If you're having problems with an ERT or other suppliers ASI controller, please see the controller programming option in the products section.

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Battery design and fabrication

For new bikes coming to market that require batteries in volume.

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Full DRIVETRAIN Solutions

For new bikes coming to market. We can cover the entire drive train, or a limited scope.

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Teznic Consulting

When Teznic started, we were converting gas Honda Cubs to electric. We fabricated brackets and created a kit that could be flat packed and shipped worldwide. Then we were introduced to the Sur-Ron/Segway dirt ebkies. This is when we started to collaborate with Accelerated Systems Inc (ASI), who is located nearby in Waterloo. We developed a close relationship and quickly realized there was an opportunity to sell ASI controllers that increase power 50% and range 30% compared to the stock controllers. Once we had the controller kit ready for customers, we started working on the next limiting factor of the bike - the battery. We were able to partner with Golden Motor Canada to produce our batteries in volume, with high quality and metal cases. Now, the motor becomes the limiting factor for the bike, and we are working on our own toroidal motor designs. 

Because of our expertise with ASI controllers, our ability to design and fabricate batteries, and our drive train and motor integration knowledge, we are now well positioned to deliver full drive train solutions to OEM's that are bringing new bikes to market. We have worked with several companies that contracted us to provide a controller solution, and full drive train solutions, and would be happy to discuss how we might be able to help with yours.