About Us

All of us at Teznic share a strong passion for electric vehicles, the environment, and innovation. Together, we are creating solutions to make riding electric vehicles more economical and fun.

The Teznic head office is located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada.

Our Team

We have gathered experts who are leading innovation in their respective industries - from the world's first hemp electric car to break-through electrolysis technology and much more. Our goal is to make clean and safe energy the only financially viable choice, while helping people to socially and economically uplift others.


Accelerated Systems™ Inc. (ASI) is a key strategic partner for Teznic,
bringing over 20 years of experience as an industry leader in electric motors and controllers to our products. A joint press release outlines the joint success in the light electric vehicle market thanks to the close relationship. The partnership is expected to bring additional disruptive technologies to the marketplace, including hydrogen production.


Tom Ross

Tom Ross is a grower of communities and businesses. A serial entrepreneur with a background in energy systems engineering, Tom grew up working on electrolysis and hydrogen projects with his father. Tom has also designed automated agricultural systems, such as recirculating aquaculture systems for fish and deep water culture hydroponics.

Tom has been a director at several local nonprofits and has been appointed to town advisory committees with a focus on helping disenfranchised youth become self sufficient through trades and technology education. Tom has successfully secured government funding for many community and business projects, has administered federal grants and loans, and has secured a Canadian Department Of Defense grant awarded to Teznic.


John Fiorini

John Fiorini holds a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering, and is a renown Six Sigma Black Belt Engineer. John's experience includes working on hydrogen projects for Ballard Power Systems, a leader in the development, manufacturing, sale, and service of hydrogen fuel cell power systems. This is where John was awarded USA/CAN/EU patents for Ballard on Continuous Electrode Production. He has extensive experience as a Manufacturing and Development Engineer, where he had a hands-on position responsible for production of Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA). John is a leader for all aspects of planning and managing engineering projects.

In the past, John has assumed complete ownership of Project and
Stakeholder Management, from concept development to solution delivery and validation. He has commissioned new tooling and product designs into manufacturing in accordance with program timeline, product design and performance specifications. John also worked with Magna International as a Senior Project Engineer in the Decoma Product and Process Development division for automotive, commercial truck and industrial markets.  John brings extremely qualified and relevant experience to the Teznic team, while adding structure and organisation to every project he works on.


Alex Logie

Alex Logie has 30 years of experience in the financial services sector and is currently a management consultant in the bio-tech & cannabis industries where his clients include groups like the Stanley Brothers, founders of the world’s largest CBD wellness company, Charlotte’s Web. He was most recently interim CFO, acting COO and SVP Business Development at Natura Naturals Inc., a privately held Licensed Producer of cannabis that was acquired by Tilray Inc. (NASDAQ: TLRY) in February 2019 in a transaction valued at C$82 million in cash and stock. Alex was responsible for developing the financial model for Natura and for managing their C$20 million equity and convertible debt financings. In addition, he managed the completion of Natura’s greenhouse retrofit and the commissioning, growing and harvesting at the facility. In addition, he was a Founding Director, Interim CFO and SVP of Business Development at San Diego, CA-based Tsunami VR, Inc., a global leader in virtual and augmented reality collaboration software. He has been a long-term consultant to Faryx Energy Inc., working on their wind, solar, pipeline and agri-business projects in various parts of the USA.

Alex was a Co-Founder and the CFO of Crane Capital Group, which was acquired by Bear Stearns Asset Management in 2007. Additionally, he was the Founder and CEO of Mercury Capital, a TSE Venture Exchange-listed capital pool corporation acquired by Canada Coal, and he served as CEO of Hong Kong-based Baron Asset Management. After graduating from Queen’s University’s BCom program, Alex spent 12 years as Executive Vice President of Citibank Canada, where he was the head trader in the Global Debt Derivatives group.

Hydrogen Product Development

Bill Ross

Bill Ross ran his first truck off pure hydrogen in 1979. Since then, he’s been working with electrolysis to reduce emissions from combustion engines. He has patented several electrolysis applications related to four stroke engines which have been validated to show reduced fuel consumption and emissions. Bill brings a wealth of mechanical knowledge to the team and has integrated an electrolysis system into our drive train. Regenerative braking instantly creates a lot of power and can damage batteries; Bill’s electrolysis system harnesses this power like a capacitor and uses it to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, which is stored for later use in a purpose built linear generator.  


Pablo Jenkins (World Economic Forum)

Alex Eisen (IT Security)

Adrian Garcia (Carao VC, Founder)

Matthew Rice (Linux Professional Institute, Executive Director)

Stephen Sutherland (Innovation Expert)

Dr. Janusz Kozinski (Founding Dean of York Universities Engineering Department)

Nathan Armstrong (3D Modeling and Prototyping, Hemp vehicles)